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Stroll Groove of NBC'S 'World of Dance' Chats All Things Dance

So WOD caught up with Stroll Groove to find out about their experience competing on the show, who their favorite judge is, and what jams are in regular rotation on their playlist. Here’s what they had to say.

WOD: What was the best part of competing in World of Dance?

SG: The best part of competing on World of Dance was interacting with all of the super talented dancers from around the world! It felt more like a cultural exchange than a competition, where everyone respected each others’ style and were eager to learn a bit of everythingStroll Groove isn’t just a stepping crew. They’re taking the classic artform and giving it a fresh spin. Formed out of the Los Angeles dance scene, you’ll get to see them competing in NBC’s World of Dance, where they’ll step and stroll to get the judges’ favor—and possibly win the $1 million prize.

WOD: Who’s your favorite judge, and why?

SG: That’s a tough question! All of the judges were awesome in their own right, and we connected in different ways with each! But J-Lo is our favorite judge, considering how much she has impacted her community through her artistry—something we passionately prioritize in our performances and outreach! Also, her style of dance, especially from the ’90s (In Living Color), is our favorite era, as seen in our dance style of big, full-out movement!

WOD: What do you love most about dance?

SG: We love dance the most as it celebrates an ever-changing freedom to communicate in the most beautiful way! Without words, we can express our thoughts and emotions that can thereby affect the lives of so many others—not to mention the thrill of live performance or freestyling in the club is one of the best adrenaline rushes!

WOD: Why do you think the world needs dance?

SG: Normal social barriers are broken as the appreciation of dance is universal to all cultures, races, religions, etc. We can definitely bridge those gaps starting with dance!

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