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How many Hamilton's are out there?

From nowhere, neoteric playwright, Jimmy Darnell Hamilton, redefines timeworn urban plays by means of infusing fraternity/sorority style Steppin’ with South African Wally Gumboot Dance, classic R&B with folk hymns, and contemporary hip-hop with modern jazz: an entertainment gumbo aimed to captivate theatergoers of all ages!

Debuting as the first of its kind to hit live show entertainment, The Chronicles of Panhellencia, a new off Broadway step dance musical, ensues triumphant sizzle! There are no rivals to Panhellencia’s first of its four chronicles, INVICTUS, a fiction love story about 2 college sweethearts trapped in a mystical underworld, whereas they encounter bizarre Snorth characters that reveal ancient controversial myths.


We are The Gumbo Step Stroll Dance Theatre Co.

As a Bob Fosse Award Nominee discovered by Debbie Allen-Nixon, and having choreographed the World African Network’s FOX/BET National STOMP Out Championships with the Devine 9, award shows for the NAACP & Soul Train, films such as “House Party 2” & Adams Family Values, Sitcoms such as “A Different World” & “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, and national commercials for Coca-Cola & Gatorade, Jimmy Darnell Hamilton is an accomplished talent capable of producing a smash hit, and possibly becoming one of the greatest success stories like Hamilton.

Written and Directed by Jimmy Darnell Hamilton

NOW CASTING: DFW-LAX-ATL areas. Send submissions to

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