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Steppin' The History - A new musical about dreams coming true.
The Empowerment of Our Youth
An Entertainment Gumbo!
Image by Felix Mooneeram
Coming in 2023

STEPPIN' The History

A Musical About Never Giving Up On Your Dreams

The Golden Era of Hip-Hop Step Dance


Based on an untold true story, the one-hour series follows an optimistic duo, Step by Step, Jimmy Hamilton & Vernon Jackson, and Jimmy’s cousin Shello, race to be first in Hollywood to catch the lucrative wave of an evolving hip-hop step stroll culture during the 1990s, and Step X Step along with
Shello, the Homegirl, emerge as trending innovators in show business.

After 30 years, the untold historical story about a nationwide movement to stop the violence (Rodney King Riots), increase peace, build bridges in communities, and stomp the ignorance, is finally revealed in a new musical spectacular live on stage coming soon.

“A Step Nation since 1989”


Story Written by:

Michelle Mitchell | Shello The Homegirl

Vernon Jackson | Jimmy Hamilton

Step X Step



A Gumbo Production | H2 Productions | Stroll Groove | SHELLO Images

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